What is Promotional SMS?

Promotional SMS refers to a message sent by a business to their customers or prospect customers for marketing or advertising purposes. Businesses can use promotional SMS to inform their customers about promotions, discounts or offers, which can promote their products or services and stimulate the interest of prospect customers. Promotional SMS can be time based, engaged with the target customers, delivered swiftly and easy to read to realize better marketing performance.

What can you benefit from YCloud Promotional SMS?

Higher sales engagement

Via YCloud Promotional SMS, you are able to deliver your personalized marketing messages to your target customers anytime, anywhere, effectively drive higher engagement from your customers. Your business can benefit from the higher open rates of SMS and be assured of the delivery success rate guaranteed by YCloud monitoring system.

Prospect marketing

With wide coverage and stable connection supported by YCloud, you can easily use Promotional SMS to open up your new market and appeal prospect customers all over the world.

Sustainable relationship

By generating naturally personalized marketing messages and informing customers about every detail about your product or service, you can catch customer attention in every stage of customer lifetime. YCloud supports you with customized SMS templates which can help you add a sense of trust and urgency to your customers without being over the top. A sustainable relationship between your customers and you can be built through YCloud promotional SMS.

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