What is Transactional SMS?

A transactional SMS refers to a non-marketing text messages sent from business to customers that can provide valuable information about the product or service along the whole consumer journey. For example, order confirmation, updates about invoice number, shipping updates, etc. are sent to customers via transactional SMS, reducing the required human resources while delivering a higher level of customer service.

What can you benefit from YCloud Transactional SMS?

Enhanced Order Confirmation

Customers come up with a number of questions about the details of their order when making a purchase. Via swift SMS supported by YCloud, you can keep your customers out of dark by pushing instant order confirmations, which can build a favorable impression for your customers.

Reliable details tracking

When we purchase a product online, our mind experiences a sense of virtual ownership, and the endowment effect kicks in. Via YCloud Transaction SMS, you can keep your customers apprised of the status of their deliveries with detailed online tracking. YCloud can help you create a seamless delivery process by sending regular SMS shipping updates, extending the customer excitement of waiting for the online product.

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