What is OTP SMS?

OTP SMS is a security mechanism where a one time password (OTP) is generated and sent with the SMS to registered user’s mobile phone. The user can receive the OTP and enter it on the device where the authentication is happening. OTP is an additional layer of security used to verify a user’s identity during the process of new user registration, logging, online transaction, or password reset. Hence, OTP will protect your site from various threats and secure the digital identity of end-users further. Notably, OTP is only valid and used within a specific time frame.

If you get tired of complex procedure of identifying your customers, YCloud can offer you a new, effective and all-in-one solution for OTP generation, delivery, verification. Y-OTP can handle them all.

What can you benefit from YCloud OTP SMS service?

Extremely high speed = Deliverability + Priority + Stability

YCloud OTP SMS possesses the exclusive channels guaranteed by our intellectual monitoring system. Through the exclusive routes, OTP SMS always takes the top priority to reach your customers’ hands, with an immediate deliverability of more than 99.999%. Via YCloud OTP SMS, it’s easy for you to build unbreakable trust and delight your customers with surprisingly smooth and fast verification.

Additional layer of private security

When it comes to business services, privacy and compliance are always top priorities. YCloud OTP SMS can help your business protect itself as well as prevent criminals from getting easy access to private accounts, details, addresses and so much more.

Internal productivity

OTP SMS is not only for your customers but also for your business productivity. Via our reliable OTP SMS service, you are able to add a robust layer of security for your internal information communication. Documents, software, passwords, and other sensitive information are circulated

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