Country Summary

ISO code:VN

Dialing code:+84

Sender ID

Alphanumeric Sender ID: YES

Numeric Sender ID: NO

Additional information:Without pre-registration Sender ID, the messages would be sent failed. YCloud strongly recommends applying for an Alphanumeric Sender ID.


  • There’re strict restrictions on SMS in Vietnam. SMS contents with brand name, in local Vietnam language or with some special symbols will be probably blocked by the local operators, especially Mobifone carrier. YCloud have made lots of efforts to help you bypass such messages filter or restrictions and enable a strong SMS delivery, including SMS contents may being modified, with brand names being removed or modifying some special characters, or adding random characters at front of the message body etc.. Generally, Vietnam is some how complex, since various operators may own different rules.

    A pre-registration of Sender ID is a recommended alternative for you to enable a stronger stability and higher delivery rate. YCloud can help you do your customized Sender ID registration with 10~15 days, the required materials for registration are as follows:

    1. Two colorful scans of authorization lettersin electronic version. You can contact our support team for the electronic version documentation. Pay attention that the stamp must be above your signature.

    2. Colorful scan of your business license in electronic version.

    3. The screenshot of the registration page in your app.

    And it is also suggested to connect our voice code API to further improve your authentication code delivery.

  • Prohibited content:

    • Gambling

    • Sexual

    • Racist

    • Religious

    • Abuse

    • Politics

    • Charity

  • Game industry content please contact customer service.

  • Frequency limit: cannot send the same content messages to the same end-users within 20 seconds

  • Do not contact end-users on do-not-call or do-not-disturb registries.

  • Only communicate during an end-user’s daytime hours.

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