Country Summary

ISO code:ID

Dialing code:+62

Sender ID

Alpha Sender ID: YES

Numeric Sender ID: YES

Additional information :

  1. Sender ID format : UP to 11 digits with a combination with letters and numbers.

  2. Pre-registered materials list:

    1. Website and Playstore;

    2. Typical SMS template;

    3. NPWP Scan Copy;

    4. OJK Lisence or KSP Document(Applies to Fintech Companies);

    5. Estimated Monthly Traffic

    6. Company industry

  3. TIP:

    1. We strongly recommend companies with SMS to Indonesia to apply for a Sender ID for Reasons blow:

      1. Non-registered Sender IDs might be replaced by an alphanumeric or numeric Sender ID

      2. Verification SMSs with non-registered Sender IDs to users of Telkomsel, Smartfren, XL might be blocked.

Prohibited content

  • Sexual

  • Racist

  • Gambling

  • Religious

  • Abuse

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