Country Summary

ISO Code: CN

Dialing code :+86

Sender ID

Alphanumeric Sender ID : NO

Numeric Sender ID : NO

Additional Information:

  • Signature: China mainland have no Sender ID, and the Signature's function is similar to Alphanumeric Sender ID. They all used to show your brand.And all SMSs to China mainland must contain a signature at the beginning of the SMS body. And please be noted that the Signature is a part of SMS message body, so the

    • e.g.【YCloud】Your verification code is 8888.

    • How can I register the signature?

      • Signature should be pre-registered. You can contact our online web service or And for the application, we need the following details with regards to your business:

        • Your original business license or a copy of the business license with the company seal.

        • Your official website address.

        • Your message template for each type of message that you plan to send.

        • Most important, your signature's name, such as "YCloud", "TikTok". And please keep the signature's length between 2 ~ 20 without punctuation, spaces.


China mainland has a strict regulation about the SMS content sent. Most messages are required to go through manual review. Due to the regulations in China, there are a number of limitations to be aware of:

  • Promotion messages:promotion messages must go through the pre-registration procedures and are subject to approval. If you need send promotion messages , Please contact us at

  • Message count :1 SMS contains 70 words, If it exceeds 70 words, it will be calculated as 67 words per item.

  • Prohibited content

    1. Gambling

    2. Sex

    3. Bitcoin

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